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Welcome Ladies!

I'm here to help you resolve your
metabolism, gut & hormone issues through holistic but realistic strategies so that you can finally feel like yourself again!

Meet Carolyn

Meet Carolyn

Foodie, Dog Mom & Exercise Lover

I am a Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer with a Master's Degree in Nutritional Sciences.

I know the common struggles of what appears to be a sluggish metabolism, a hormone imbalance, or gut issues. My wish for you is that you don't make the same mistakes that I did. I struggled for YEARS trying to find a plan that worked for me. I would often feel like I needed to follow a "perfect" diet and had an "all or nothing" mindset when it came to nutrition and fitness.

At sixteen years old I did my first cleanse. From there, things only got worse between fad diets, restrictive eating, excessive drinking, and exercising to "burn off the calories." I was so unhappy both physically and mentally. 10+ years later, I now live a life that I love with balance. I have learned how to enjoy my favorite foods (ahem, ice cream, and peanut butter) WITHOUT guilt. It wasn't until I learned to incorporate the foods that I loved, started listening to my body, and added strength training that I truly began to see the results that I wanted. I cannot wait to help you feel the same freedom!



You struggle with hormone imbalances that are impacting your daily life significantly

You are frustrated with either a menstrual period with many debilitating symptoms or no period at all


You feel as if your metabolism is "broken"


Your body image is affecting your relationships and ability to enjoy life


You have constant fatigue that forces you to rely on caffeine and are not able to be fully present in work and life


Your bloodwork returns to normal and your doctor dismisses your symptoms but you still feel like something is "off"


You want to learn how to support your body in a way that supports it for a lifetime, not just a "quick fix


How I Help...

I provide you with an individualized assessment to dig deep and find out your true root cause for why you are feeling the way you are feeling.


I validate your symptoms that have been dismissed previously and ultimately help you to feel better overall through nutrition, lifestyle, functional testing, and proper supplementation (as needed).


I help you break down your overarching goals into simple actionable steps that are realistic for you and your lifestyle so that you can actually implement the steps that are necessary to achieve your goals.

Stop looking for a quick fix. You have to live healthy
to get healthy.



My Signature

Nutrition + Fitness + 1:1 Coaching


  • Core curriculum  (foundational lessons to set you up for success!)

  • Access to additional education material library (yours to keep forever) 

  • Accountability and support with audits to food logs as needed 

  • Private chat access to me during business hours to ask all the questions and get support between check-ins 

  • Community support with like minded individuals in a group chat

  • Individualized training plan specific to you and your goals with instructions and videos so you know exactly what to do 

  • Specific calorie and protein goals for you and your goals/needs

  • Private check-in bi-weekly with individualized feedback via voice chat in Practice Better 

  • PLUS - Complimentary hair tissue mineral analysis test to assess your unique nutritional status with a comprehensive plan to support your gut, hormones, and metabolism 

3 month option: 

Monthly: $527/month

Paid in full: $1427 paid in full 


6 month option: 

Monthly: $497/month 

Paid in full: $2687 paid in full 


“What I loved most about the program was everything was detailed into my needs! I started with not eating enough with vigorous training causing me to not be performing well or recovering the best. Now I am less worried about the food I eat and am getting the food in to make sure I am performing to the best of my ability! We worked on overall stress management, sleep, and water intake as well as getting in food and protein. Overall Carolyn's program was very helpful and will help me continue my growth as a college athlete and student! ”


Client Love!

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